Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Snow Days

So these first pictures are of the first snow storm that we had. We got about 8 inches at my house and about 18 inches at my parents and Kennidi really wanted to build a snowman, so up to Grandma and Grandpa's we go to build a snow man. First we put McKinlee is her snow outfit she looked so cute. Like a giant pink marshmallow.

McKinlee really did not like the snow. Although now every time we go out side and it is a little cold she always says "Hat" And puts her hand on her head.

Their beautiful Snow Angels

The huge Snowman. Grandpa did have to help put on the second piece of the snow man. Daddy made it a little too big and couldn't lift it up. We gave Kennidi a carrot for the nose but by the time that they needed the nose we had to give her another carrot because she ate the first one.

These pictures are of the next snow storm that was bigger and came in a lot faster. Kristi, and Austin were with us that night. Out electricity went off for about 24 hours. So we were happy that Kristi and Austin were there to play games with us.

Austin decided that it would be fu to go and lay on the snow covered hammock. Yes that is him falling out of the hammock after Blake started throwing snowballs at him.

Kristi and I in the dark.

Although we had no electricity we still had a lot of fun

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